Europa-Forum Wachau 1996

 “The Ensemble and its Parts”


  • Erwin Pröll (Governor of Lower Austria)
    “Identity and Importance of the Regions in a new Europe”
  • Dr. Kajo Schommer (Minister for Economy and Labour of Saxony)
    “Europe as a Chance for Regions”
  • Dr. Otto Wiesheu (Minister for Economy, Transport and Technology of Bavaria)
    “Regions – the essential Building Blocks of Europe”

Working Groups

  1. Common Security Policy
  2. The Importance of the Regions
  3. Economic- and Monetary Union
  4. EU-Intergovernmental Conference
  5. European Culture and Identity



  • Jean Luc Dehaene (Prime Minister Belgium)
    “Unity and Plurality – Europe on the Threshold of the 21st Century.”
  • Wolfgang Schüssel (Vize Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs)


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