Donausalon Europa-Forum Wachau 2022


As part of the Europa-Forum Wachau 2022, the Donausalon will take place on Friday, June 24th on the subject

Start of the event: 5:30 p.m.
At the Audimax of the University for Continuing Education Krems / Campus Krems.

After decades of supposed stability, the developments of recent months show how fragile the foundations of peace in Europe are. Once more
we realize the importance of institutions that dedicate their work for creating and cultivating friendships beyond borders and thus maintain a
good basis for dialogue and contacts in the respective regions. Friendships built up in times of peace are now relevant to support talks and
discussions to find solutions in times of crisis.
Together with various institutions, the topic of international cooperation and its contribution to peace will be addressed. Current geopolitical
issues discussed and the contribution of the regions will be illustrated.

Martin Eichtinger, President of the Europa-Forum Wachau,
Minister of Housing, Labour and International Relations in the Government of Lower Austria, Austria
Iryna Izarova, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Department for Legal Studies and International Relations UWK, Ukraine and Austria
Hana Hajnová, Deputy County Commissioner of the Region Vysocina, Czech Republic
Christian Spahr, Secretary General, Assembly of European Regions, France
Ivanka Popović, Vice-President of the DRC, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Claudia Crawford, Head of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung International Office Austria, Multilateral Dialogue, Germany

Moderation by Sebastian Schäffer, Managing Director IDM


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An- und Abmeldung
Christian Spahr, Donausalon Europa-Forum Wachau 2022

Christian Spahr

Generalsekretär der Versammlung der Regionen Europas

Claudia Crawford, Donausalon Europa-Forum Wachau 2022

Claudia Crawford

Leiterin des KAS-Auslandsbüros Österreich

Iryna Izarova, Donausalon Europa-Forum Wachau 2022

Iryna Izarova

Guest Researcher at the Department for Law and international Relations of the University for Continuing Education Krems

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Location & Kontakt

The Donausalon will take place at the Audimax of the University for Continuing Education Krems / Campus Krems.
Participation on site is only possible after registration.

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