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European Forum Wachau

The Europa-Forum Wachau was founded in 1995 on the occasion of Austria's accession to the EU. Since then, the Europa-Forum Wachau has functioned as an established and visionary platform that promotes exchange and debate on European issues. The focus is always on an international and interdisciplinary orientation, which has a decisive influence on European policy guidelines and at the same time provides impetus for development processes in Europe. Since the beginning, the aim has been to promote the topic of Europe and to communicate it passionately to citizens. 

Since 1995, more than 30 prime ministers, 43 foreign and European ministers, 5 commissioners and over 12,000 guests have taken part in the Wachau European Forum, in addition to the presidents of the European Parliament and state presidents. Alongside Giorgia Meloni and Rumen Radew were among others Jean Claude Juncker, Ursula von der Leyen or Frans Timmermans are already active participants in the Wachau European Forum.

The Europa-Forum Wachau offers you the opportunity to
to participate personally in the future of Europe.
We have a responsibility for the European idea, so we want to think ahead together with you.
Martin Eichtinger
President of the Europa-Forum Wachau
With the Europa-Forum Wachau we have an acknowledged European discussion forum which deals with current challenges in a common Europe. It is our concern that the citizens and our youth should also be strongly involved.
Johanna Mikl-Leitner
Governor of Lower Austria