Europe Day 2022 - Invest in Youth

The European Year of Youth 2022 is at the centre of Europe Day in Lower Austria this year. To this end, the generation that is suffering most from current developments and will have to deal with them in the future will be brought to the fore. In addition to the coronavirus crisis, Europe is also currently at war. Major challenges await, as peace has begun to falter. However, there is an unprecedented sense of unity within the EU.

In this year's European Year of Youth, Europe Day was dedicated entirely to young people with the title "Invest in Youth". 270 young people from all over Lower Austria took part in the Europe Day event on 11 May 2022 in the Kasematten in Wiener Neustadt. Today's decisions influence tomorrow's Europe. The concerns of young people must be heard. That is why a competition was launched in the run-up to the event with the aim of drawing inspiration from the ideas of young people. In numerous visual, written and audiovisual contributions, young people explained what is needed to give them an "EU-phoric" view of the future.

Young people's wishes will be incorporated into the Wachau European Forum at the end of June 2022
In Lower Austria, citizen participation is not just a buzzword. Since 2018, 17 Europa-Forum Wachau salons have been held throughout the state, in which more than 7,000 people have been actively involved. This is why the concerns of young people should also be incorporated into the European discourse on Europe Day.

Environmental protection, sustainability and political co-determination in Europe are among the three most pressing issues for the future of our youth. The results of the discussions at the Wachau European Forum will then become part of the EU demands paper, which is traditionally presented in Brussels in the autumn.

Winning classes receive shopping vouchers
The following contributions were rewarded with regional shopping vouchers totalling 200 euros:

You and I, We are Europe
EU - this is where our future begins
Plastic: Useful for minutes, harmful for decades
What makes us euphoric about the EU?
Greening houses: "Design for future"

All contributions are available on the European Forum Wachau to see.