Cross-border health initiatives in Lower Austria

President of the Federal Council Margit Göll attended the last EFW network meeting in Schrems before the Wachau European Forum.

On Monday, 29 April 2024, the Europa-Forum Wachau, under its President Martin Eichtinger, organised a networking meeting in the "Waldschenke Schreiber" restaurant in Schrems together with local councillor for Europe Philipp Löffler. Mayor Peter Müller was also present as host and welcomed the guests from the region. After inspiring presentations, visions for a Europe of the future were developed and exchanged together in a cosy atmosphere. The topic of "Cross-border health initiatives" was discussed in greater depth.

The President of the Federal Council, Margit Göll, spoke about the cross-border cooperation initiatives in Lower Austria since the fall of the Iron Curtain. The flagship project Healthacross MED Gmünd was presented by its director Manfred Mayer and the experiences of cooperation between rescue services across our borders were explained by Siegfried Weinert, who works in cross-border management at Notruf Niederösterreich. 

Quote from Martin Eichtinger:
"If we want to preserve and secure our European model of life in the future, we need creativity, inventiveness, innovation, courage and self-confidence. The EFW Visionaries, committed Lower Austrians, were invited to participate in the future process of the Europa-Forum Wachau and to help determine the future course of Europe. After all, the motto of this year's Europa-Forum Wachau "Rebooting Europe" must be the programme for the new EU institutions to be constituted after the European elections in 2024."

Quote from Margit Göll:
"Joining the EU was a correct and important decision for Austria and especially for a border region like Lower Austria. We have benefited enormously from EU membership. Membership of the EU has enabled Lower Austria to develop into an economic and research state in recent decades. Thanks to the EU, we have been able to expand our offerings in Lower Austria and further improve the quality of life. Lower Austria's appeal has been boosted by EU membership. Since joining the EU, we have been able to attract more than 13 billion euros in EU funding to Lower Austria. With this important funding from Brussels, we have implemented important initiatives such as Healthacross Med Gmünd or the cross-border rescue service with Notruf Niederösterreich."

Quote Manfred Mayer:
"Cross-border healthcare also gives patients a greater choice of treatment options, which can lead to a better match with their individual needs and preferences."

Quote from Siegfried Weinert:
"The necessary prerequisite for cross-border rescue activities is a framework agreement based on the existing state treaty between Austria and the Czech Republic, which can be seen as an example of best practice.
This framework agreement is a living agreement that citizens in the border region actually and directly recognise. It stands for an efficient and modern improvement in preclinical acute care."

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