4. Salon EFW – Onlineproduktion mit Natur im Garten


„A green Europe“

Onlineübertragung am 16. Oktober 2020, 10:00 Uhr

On December 11, 2019, the concept for the European Green Deal was presented by the European Commission. This is the roadmap for a sustainable European development. Together with Natur im Garten, we invite you to explore this topic with national and international experts from the fields of Green Infrastructure and Green Jobs. Europe needs a new growth strategy and so we want to discussed how the transition to a modern, resource efficient and competitive economy can look like in Lower Austria and Europe.

Program details

10 am start of the online video

Martin Eichtinger, Landesrat und Präsident Europa-Forum Wachau

Green Deal:
Hugo-Maria Schally,
Head of Unit for Multilateral Environmental Cooperation, European Commission

Green Infrastructure:
Susanne Formanek,
managing director of GRÜNSTATTGRAU
Axel Fischer, Head of Parks and Green Spaces Division, Grün Stadt Zürich
Gideon Corby, ecologist, Guerilla Gardener London

Green Jobs:
Bettina Gräfin Bernadotte,
managing director Insel Mainau
Franz Fuger, headmaster Gartenbauschule Langenlois

hosted by
Karl Ploberger, gardener and journalist
Theresa Edtstadler, Managing Director Europa-Forum Wachau

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