Europe Day 2022 - Invest in Youth


The European Year of Youth 2022 is at the centre of Europe Day in Lower Austria this year. To this end, the generation that is suffering the most from current developments and will have to deal with them in the future will be brought to the fore. In addition to the corona crisis, we currently have a situation where there is also war in Europe. We are now facing major challenges, as peace has begun to falter. On the other hand, there is an unprecedented sense of unity within the EU. However, every crisis also harbours potential: for example, the coronavirus crisis has accelerated the digital transformation and permanently changed the world of work. The questions now are: What lessons can we learn from the current situation? What are the specific needs of young people? As part of the event, we want to enter into a dialogue with young people in Lower Austria, discuss their concerns and address them to the European Union. The aim is to show what measures young people believe are needed in EU policy in order to be able to expect a secure social, societal, professional or personal future.  

That is why we are also organising an ideas competition among young people in Lower Austria:

What is the task? Present your idea for the Europe of the future to us in a maximum 30-second contribution - visual or written (video, podcast, texts, musical interludes or other creative presentation) The question is: What concrete measures must EU policy take so that you can look forward to a secure European future? Why this competition? The European Year of Youth is all about drawing inspiration from the ideas of young people. That is why we want to focus on and honour the best contributions of young people on Europe Day 2022. How do I enter the competition? Send the completed and signed Declaration of participation on Then share your contribution on the Europa-Forum Wachau website here: Add the title and your name or nickname from the participant confirmation to your entry so that we can contact you as the winner. You can enter alone or in a small group of up to 3 people. What prices are available and how and where can I get them? The winners will be presented with their prizes live at our Europe Day celebration event by Provincial Councillor Martin Eichtinger on 11 May 2022, in the morning, in Wiener Neustadt. As a competition participant, you will receive a separate invitation to this event.

There is a prize for the 5 most liked posts Vouchers from the Lower Austrian economy, each worth EUR 200, to shop and enjoy in your neighbourhood.