Connected border regions - effects and challenges of the pandemic


Online fireside chat

As part of the change of chairmanship of the Danube-Moldova European Region (EDM) from the Upper Palatinate to Lower Austria, an online fireside chat is taking place with representatives of the EDM Presidium from the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.

The focus is on the issue of cross-border mobility, particularly in relation to the pandemic and its impact on citizens' behaviour. All aspects of daily life are examined, from commuting and working in the border regions to leisure activities and healthcare needs.

To this end, citizens were involved in advance by means of an online questionnaire. Based on these results, the dialogue between the political representatives

- Deputy District Governor Pavel Hroch from South Bohemia (CZ)

- Provincial Councillor Martin Eichtinger from Lower Austria (AT)

- and District President Franz Löffler from the Upper Palatinate (DE)

and shed light on the different perspectives of the regions. Due to the pandemic, the conversation will be recorded via Zoom and broadcast in Czech and German.

Fireside chat - DE

Fireside chat - CZ