Europe's security in view and Lower Austria at its heart

The first network meeting of the Europa-Forum Wachau took place in Mistelbach and its president Martin Eichtinger launched the "EFW Visionaries".

On Friday, 23 February 2024, the Europa-Forum Wachau, under its President Martin Eichtinger, organised a networking meeting at 6 pm in the Harlekin in Mistelbach together with local councillor for Europe Claudia Pfeffer. After inspiring presentations, visions for a Europe of the future were developed and exchanged in a cosy atmosphere.

The topics discussed were civil protection and security policy at European and regional level. The speakers were Wilhelm Sandrisser, an expert on security policy at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, and Josef Labschütz, a native of Schmida in the Weinviertel region of Lower Austria.

Quote from Martin Eichtinger:
"If we want to preserve and secure our European model of life in the future, we need creativity, inventiveness, innovation, courage and self-confidence. The EFW Visionaries, committed Lower Austrians, are invited to participate in the future process of the Europa-Forum Wachau and to help determine the future course of Europe. Because the motto of this year's Europa-Forum Wachau "Rebooting Europe" must be the programme for the new EU institutions to be constituted after the European elections in 2024."

Wilhelm Sandrisser quote:
"European values and our model of life based on them are coming under increasing pressure. Islamism, right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and anti-democratic ideologies, such as those spread by Russia and China, are threats that reinforce each other. We therefore need to better explain how important values such as human dignity, freedom and fundamental rights are for a self-determined life and good coexistence. The EU should also carry out a values check to determine whether its activities promote European values, as required by the EU Treaty."

Quote from Josef Labschütz:
"Natural disasters are hitting us more and more intensively and frequently, and yet there is still far too little talk about disaster prevention. However, there is an incredibly high level of motivation to work together on this topic in particular. And this willingness and passion show that when the right people with the right ideas come together, great innovations can be created. Innovations that inspire and motivate people and can ultimately save lives."

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