Online-Europatag – 25 Jahre NÖsterreich in der EU


„25 Jahre NÖsterreich in der EU – 25 years back and forward“
6. Mai 2020, live auf

2020 is a special year for Austria and Europe, as we are celebrating "25 years of Austria in the EU", „25 Jahre Österreich in der EU“apart from that, 70 years ago, the then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman laid the foundations for the first European Community with his speech on May 9th.

This is why Lower Austria calls this year's Europatag event

25 Jahre NÖsterreich in der EU – 25 years back and forward“

The event will take place online and will offer some interactive possibilities, such as a quiz and a live voting in order to choose the winner of the youth-video competition.

Especially in the present situation, it shows that a functioning Europe is more necessary than ever to meet global challenges. Therefore the anniversary year should also be used to discuss the "lessons learned" from the past and especially from the current challenges dealing with COVID-19.

Our online event covers the moment when Austria joined the EU 25 years ago and the future until 2045 - how can and must the European Union develop until then.

Details zum Programm:
08:45 Uhr Live-Übertragung auf

Im Gespräch:
Dazu begrüßen by the Governor of Lower Austria Johanna Mikl-Leitner und EU-Landesrat Martin Eichtinger zu den Themen:

  • Kommunikation in der Krise: Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, Direktorin der Generaldirektion für Kommunikation der Europäischen Kommission
  • Digitalisierung in der EU: Margarete Schramböck, Bundesministerin für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort
  • Zukunft der EU: Karoline Edtstadler, Bundesministerin für EU und Verfassung

In the run-up to the event, a youth video competition was announced on the topic in question, in which over 20 schools took part. The best video clips will be presented and awarded prizes in the course of this event.

We would like to invite you to participate in our Online Europe Day.

Please excuse if parts of this page have not yet been fully translated.