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Europe's security in view and Lower Austria at its heart

On 23 February, the Europa-Forum Wachau is organising an event under its President Martin Eichtinger together with European Councillor Claudia Pfeffer a networking event at 6 pm at the Harlekin in Mistelbach. At the meeting, we will develop and share our visions for a Europe of the future together in a cosy atmosphere after listening to inspiring stories. 

The topics of civil protection and security at global, European and regional level will be addressed. The speakers were the expert on security policy in the BMI Wilhelm Sandrisser and the Lower Austrian abroad Josef Labschützwhich originally comes from Schmida in the Weinviertel.


23.02.2024, 18:00 h

Café Harlequin
2130 Mistelbach

Wilhelm Sandrisser

Wilhelm Sandrisser has coordinated international and EU work at the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior for around 20 years. Previously, he worked at the Institute for Strategic Research at the National Defence Academy in the field of security and defence policy. As head of the "Security Policy, Psychological Service, Security Academy" group at the Federal Ministry of the Interior in 2023, Sandrisser published a book together with Stefan Karner on the topic of "European Values - Their Importance for Freedom, Security and Integration". "The common values that underpin our democratic and social models are the foundation of freedom, security and prosperity in Europe", states the EU Strategic Agenda 2019-2024. What are and what do these values, on which the European Union is founded, mean in concrete terms? Does the EU promote them, as postulated as an objective in Article 3 of the EU Treaty? Are European values and our way of life fundamentally under threat? In this anthology, European values are examined for the first time by renowned European experts, taking all these aspects into account. 

European values - Leykam University Press Books (leykamverlag.at)

Group I/A (security policy, psychological service, security academy) (bmi.gv.at)

Josef Labschütz

Josef Labschütz has also recently published a book that addresses ecological, technological and economic changes in the globalised world and the enormous challenges associated with them. The book shows how corporate social responsibility (CSR for short) supports a sustainable, evolutionary form of economy and how innovative CSR projects can be used to meet the challenges of climate change and subsequent natural disasters better than before. 

Through his involvement in the project team of the innovative non-profit project Nokia Saving Lives, which dealt with the question of how technological innovations (e.g. drones) can be used for disaster control, the telecommunications expert gained a deep understanding of the different requirements for innovations from companies and disaster control authorities. In his book, Josef Labschütz shows how companies can contribute their core business to civil protection as part of an overarching CSR strategy and how this can be supported by society and politics.

CSR, disaster prevention and innovation by Josef Labschütz (buecher.de)

Nokia Saving Lives | Nokia Networks

Nokia Saving Lives - Technology for your safety - YouTube.


Wilhelm Sandrisser

Wilhelm Sandrisser

Leiter der Gruppe I/A - Sicherheitspolitik, Psychologischer Dienst, Sicherheitsakademie

Martin Eichtinger

Martin Eichtinger

President Europa-Forum Wachau

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Partners of the Europa Forum Wachau
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